The Culture Of The Skate Shop: Why BMX, Skate, & Scooter Riders Need Us

Synergy Shop - BMX & Skate Shop

Synergy Shop - BMX & Skate ShopRiding has always been about way more than just the sport.

Whether you’re into BMX, skating, or scooters, you wouldn’t be where you are today if it wasn’t for the sport’s deep sense of culture.

Ever since bike and skate shops have been around, riders and skaters have all met up at their local shop to talk about the scene and check out new parts in stock.

Stores like Synergy BMX | Skate | Scooter Shop were the place to be if you wanted to talk about the latest tricks and check out the newest gear with like-minded individuals in your community.

In recent years, the Internet has made it easier to watch clips of other riders from the comfort of your couch – and to get parts without ever leaving your house.

This shift has taken its toll on small businesses that provide similar services you can find online. Even worse, it’s taking its toll on the riding culture.

Fortunately, there’s one thing you can’t find online that you can only get in a shop: a sense of truly being “home”.

When you go to a shop, you connect better with the riders in your area and build relationships – and friendships – that will go way beyond skating or BMX.

The world of riding is a community, and your local shop is your home away from home.

Synergy has been around since the early 2000s, when we started as a screen printing company. With the local scene growing and the involvement of our employees in the sport, Synergy began to mold into a skate shop.

With the rise in demand for bikes from BMX riders, Synergy incorporated a bike shop into our repertoire.

Years later, the scooter crowd came into the picture. Ever since then, we’ve been busy with a large variety of products and services to cater to the entire riding community.

In the small town of Prospect Park, Synergy has become a place for friends to gather and go off for a ride. Here, you can get awesome gear, and rock it. That’s why Synergy is the right choice, and the right place to be to keep the culture alive.

Support a local business and keep the culture going strong! Click here for directions to Synergy BMX | Skate | Scooter Shop. 

Stefan Langley