Do We Need A Skate Park? (Hint: The Answer Is “Yes”)

Skate Park - Two Kids

Skate Park - Two KidsIt’s a shame that we still see kids riding around the streets of Prospect Park, trying to dial tricks in the only open space they have, only to get busted for it.

Even more surprising is the fact that there haven’t been any major moves to open up a safe space in the form of a skate park, open to all, to allow kids to express themselves athletically and artistically through skating or riding.

Given the increase in awareness of keeping kids safe while allowing them to indulge in their favorite outdoor pastimes, this issue should have been addressed a long time ago.

For years, Synergy BMX | Skate | Scooter Shop has heard kids and parents alike asking about nearby skate parks or places that are legal and safe to ride.

Skate Park - SunsetEveryone knows about FDR Skate Park in South Philly, and the newly-constructed Paine’s Park just under the Art Museum. But what about local spots for riders from Prospect Park and other Delco towns?

The nearest skate parks shouldn’t be so far away that you can’t just pedal to them, and also shouldn’t be so run-down that it’s actually safer to ride in the streets.

There are a number of prime locations in Prospect Park for a skate park, like Park Square, which is right down the street from Synergy.

Unfortunately, the local community community was left with a bad taste in its mouth, after the old skate park in the area was torn down due to partying and an increase in illegal activity.

We believe that there has been a serious shift in the riding culture, towards a more community-oriented feel in riders who just want to enjoy the sport that they love.

Giving these kids the park they need would keep them out of the streets, out of danger, and outside enjoying life. A skate park might be just what our community needs to grow into a truly great place.

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Stefan Langley